McKie Meriwether Obelisk Denounced

According to recent news reports, this monument has come before the North Augusta City Council. The audacious sentiments carved upon it glorify the Hamburg Massacre, an ugly racial incident that paved the way for a century-long Jim Crow regime in South Carolina.


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The Hamburg Massacre

Since 2008 my original Wikipedia article has passed through many hands, gained some interesting facts, and lost quite a bit of cohesion. This is mostly a repeat of the original, FWIW.

The Hamburg Massacre (or Hamburg Riot) was a key event of South Carolina Reconstruction. The racially motivated incident grew out of a dispute on July 4, 1876 when a company of black militia marched down the main street in Hamburg. Two white farmers tried to ride through the ranks. It ended four days later with the with the death of seven men. [An eighth death has recently been confirmed.] The Massacre launched the furious 1876 Democratic campaign for South Carolina’s ‘Redemption’, leading to the downfall of Reconstruction and nearly a century of “Jim Crow” denial of civil rights.

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Cranking up

The original Henry Shultz and Hamburg web site debuted in 2003, when Google produced zero hits on either topic. Since then, we have a major book – The Bloody Shirt by Steve Budiansky, a 2012 Hamburg exhibition at the Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta, a historical marker commemorating the Hamburg MASSACRE (we can finally call it that!), discovery of Shultz’s birth place, a vision of a Hamburg museum, and perhaps 50 reenactments of Henry Shultz and his peppery tirade against his persecutors.

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