Duke Bernhard’s 1825 Visit

Lafayette’s 1824-1825 ‘Friend of the Nation’ tour of America was the most sensational event of the decade. Lafayette went out of his way to pass through almost every state of the Union, in a giant loop starting in the Northeast, through the South, to New Orleans, upriver to St. Louis, and up the Ohio back to where he started. Crowds cheered him wildly at every place along the way. Lafayette, refusing no invitation, probably shook hands into the six figures. He visited Hamburg and Augusta – unfortunately his secretary’s preserved record is skimpy. Of course most of their journals were lost months later in the Ohio River when their riverboat hit a snag and sank in the middle of the night.

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Henry Shultz Unmasked!

Real name was Klaus Hinrich Klahn
Born in Holstein in 1776

Henry Shultz was a spectacularly public figure, but he carried secrets to his grave. One of them was who he really was. 165 years after his death the secret has been revealed, with grateful thanks to Jürgen Möller.

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