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One day I got a call from Amber Rhea and Rusty Tanton. They wanted to haul from Atlanta to our fair city and interview me for a podcast. We had a great time quaffing smoothies around a table at Broad and 10th Streets, and the well-prepared interview questions led me straight into the juicy stuff. If you ever get a chance to do something like that, say YES!

Anyway, here is the podcast.


Henry Shultz Sighting in North Augusta

Spirit of Herr Shultz at SunsetHill 30 November 2014

The author in portrayal of the spirit of Herr Shultz. North Augusta Star photo by Scott Rodgers

Henry Shultz – or at least his stubborn spirit – appeared at North Augusta’s Sunset Hill Cemetery before a crowd of twenty-five witnesses. The ghostly wraith ranted at his enemies and threatened to stomp on the graves of his detractors. The entire business was recorded on the front page of the North Augusta Star. Thanks to Milledge Murray and Brenda Baratto for arranging the visitation on this night before Halloween.