Henry Shultz Unmasked!

Real name was Klaus Hinrich Klahn
Born in Holstein in 1776

Henry Shultz was a spectacularly public figure, but he carried secrets to his grave. One of them was who he really was. 165 years after his death the secret has been revealed, with grateful thanks to Jürgen Möller.

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Cranking up

The original Henry Shultz and Hamburg web site debuted in 2003, when Google produced zero hits on either topic. Since then, we have a major book – The Bloody Shirt by Steve Budiansky, a 2012 Hamburg exhibition at the Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta, a historical marker commemorating the Hamburg MASSACRE (we can finally call it that!), discovery of Shultz’s birth place, a vision of a Hamburg museum, and perhaps 50 reenactments of Henry Shultz and his peppery tirade against his persecutors.

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