McKie Meriwether Obelisk Denounced

According to recent news reports, this monument has come before the North Augusta City Council. The audacious sentiments carved upon it glorify the Hamburg Massacre, an ugly racial incident that paved the way for a century-long Jim Crow regime in South Carolina.


Here are links to television reports, the North Augusta Star, and the Augusta Chronicle.

WJBF: Meriwether Monument Denounced

WRDW: Controversial Writing

Star: Mayor Responds

WRDW: Mayor Seeks State Opinion

WJBF: Heritage Council Points to ‘Plaque’

WJBF: Removal Cost Estimate

Chronicle: North Augusta dealing with monument issue

The obelisk may represent history, but a seriously distorted one, and is in its present form a slam to the city. It appears that North Augusta is taking the issue seriously. In 2016 the North Augusta Heritage Council erected a more realistic Hamburg Massacre marker, with an additional tablet recording the names of all eight U.S. citizens that died or were mortally wounded the night of June 8-9, 1876.


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