The Name of Shultz

Henry Shultz sgnature and seal

“Bare breasted wolfwoman hoisting a scales in a swamp”: quaint embossed paper seal, folded and ornately cut then stuck on the document with red wax. Used until his death in 1851. HENRY SHULTZ HAMBURG.SO.CA. 2’July 1821

In English writings the name of the Founder of Hamburg, SC is properly spelled ‘Henry Shultz’.

This name appears in hundreds, even thousands of contemporary examples as ‘Shultz’, including:

  • Holographic manuscripts bearing his signature
  • His holographic signature on complaints and depositions dated as early as 1808, Bridge Bills, First Bank of Hamburg notes, and original deeds to lots in Hamburg
  • Printed at his instance in advertisements, deed forms, and his (many) letters to newspapers
  • Other mention in newspapers including third-person articles and public notices
  • Official manuscripts including Augusta city council minutes as early as 1806, jury lists, conveyances, court minutes and documents, and official state records
  • His personal ‘Hamburg’ seal, affixed by him to documents from at least 1826 to 1851
Example of Shultz handwriting

Holographic statement in SC Dept of Archives and History 1848-81-15 “Henry Shultz one of the petitioners begs leave to say a few words for himself and uppon his own Responsibility. I have bin fourty years in this happy Country and feel that I have acted the part of a good and faithfull Citizen, and have supported the Laws of my adopted Country in which I make and eat my bread and I pray heavens that nothing may happen ever to make me act otherwise. but I cannot surrender my Bridge to the South Carolina Rail Road Company under an act passed by your Honorable predecessors on the 15th day Decr 1845” (s) Henry Shultz

In the Personal Name Index to the Augusta Chronicle, 1800-1830, the spelling Shultz is cited 137 times; Shoults or other phonetic spellings four times; and Henry Schultz once. That last version has posthumously crept into frequent use, even maps with geographic features bearing the man’s name.

Now we know that ‘Henry Shultz’ is an alias, a fiction invented by Klaus Hinrich Klahn in his flight from creditors in Luebeck and Wismar, Germany. It is just a guess that Henry comes from his middle name, and Shultz was a common, unremarkable surname.

Anyway, as Klaus Klahn, Henry Shultz, or Heinrich Schultz (as Johan Wagener had it in his Gruender von Hamburg article) , his memory is preserved.


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