Cranking up

The original Henry Shultz and Hamburg web site debuted in 2003, when Google produced zero hits on either topic. Since then, we have a major book – The Bloody Shirt by Steve Budiansky, a 2012 Hamburg exhibition at the Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta, a historical marker commemorating the Hamburg MASSACRE (we can finally call it that!), discovery of Shultz’s birth place, a vision of a Hamburg museum, and perhaps 50 reenactments of Henry Shultz and his peppery tirade against his persecutors.

After more than a decade in service, that web site is closing down April 15, 2015. The domain and site hosting are coming due and will not be renewed. I am shifting the content at a snail’s pace to this location.

There are several reasons for the move. First, is FREE! Second, may be more resistant to web rot than something that persistently requires money and attention. Third, blogs make it a lot easier for others to jump in with interesting information – such as the sensational discovery of Shultz’s birthplace. Finally, in the past year I have become wary of any vanity website on a no-name domain. I have no way of knowing in advance if it is going to do something bad to my computer, and in future others may come to feel the same way.

There are downsides too. Links to the old web site will go stale. Content has to be reformatted and reloaded. The site as a whole will be less cohesive – welcome to the future! Finally, I won’t be able to keep a complete backup image of the whole web site like I used to.

Despite all his, should keep the history pumping out for a long time to come.


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